ETC is about people and its core values. Passion, honesty, Loyalty and skill are some of the key attributes that are honoured at work. Exposure to the best in class machinery, innovative processes and practices is guaranteed at the work place.

ETC is a brand that clients relate to excellence in quality. And hence it becomes imperative that we have to repose the faith laid on us to by being consistent in our quality. Complex project scenarios and stringent deadlines bring out the best in our engineers. Constant challenges help us find innovative ways to upgrade our foundry processes.

Our work culture has proved to be unique. We remain traditional as a company while we uphold values that have enabled us reach where we are today.

We ensure that all employees benefit from our several welfare initiatives. It is also important to bear in mind that each one of our employees have the onus of sustaining the remarkable brand equity that ETC has gained in the marketplace. And hence it goes without saying that a career with ETC will be exciting, challenging and rewarding.

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