The Community Centre was built for the 1000 member family of Emirates Techno Casting, Gulf Valve, because we believe in people and want the centre to reflect the skills, passion, quality and the strong values that Pentair stands for. Emirates Techno Casting owes a major part of its success to its investment in skilled resources and this is rewarded by allowing employees to benefit from profits.

ETC has worked hard towards building a strong community at its workplace and its AED 20 million state of the art community centre for its employees is testament to this.

The community centre covers an expanse of 2,400 square meters compromising of training rooms, computer training rooms, a cyber centre, a large dining facility, an auditorium, movie hall, a coffee shop and a world class gym. It offers language courses and workshops on yoga, basic and advanced computer classes, nutrition and health seminars as well as courses aimed at creating awareness towards the protecting the environment and sessions on how to conserve energy.

The centre provides the right ambiance for relaxation after a hard day’s work with other initiatives aimed at keeping our employees fit and healthy, skilled and environmentally conscious.

Pentair believes in investing in people more than any other investment and by enhancing the skills of people by offering a better quality of life and hopes that the values will seep into the minds and lives of people which they will in turn carry to their homes which spread into the fabric of society as a whole.