Our engineering team is responsible for developing the appropriate methods and design requirements for establishing production processes. We utilize the most advanced design applications like 10 license of Pro-engineer, 6 license of Magma 5.1 steel, 5 license of stress module and 1 license of Solid works and the experience of our seasoned team of engineers to help predict performance and potential defects. Magma filling & solidification simulation software is used to enhance the quality of our castings. This capability enables our engineers to leverage data in the design of molds and production processes so that they are correct from the start and end performance is assured.

Patterns are manufactured in-house using CNC Flexi-cam pattern making machines with CAD/CAM technology. We are using high quality 0.3-0.6 BHN hardness beech plywood’s for the pattern and core box constructions which increasing the life of patterns.