ETC is located in United Arab Emirates. This has several advantages.

1. Geographical Advantage
Location in U.A.E offers proximity to seaports in Europe. We are able to deliver the castings within a transit time of 3-4 weeks to Europe and 4-5 weeks to North America. Our plants are not far away from ports in Dubai, which have been rated as the one of the best international seaports and airports in the world.

2. Port Handling Services
U.A.E is politically neutral country and has the best rated port handling facilities in the world.

3. Established Network:
Our Products are shipped to 16 countries across 4 continents. Our long list of satisfied clientele is a proof of our timely deliverables and extended reach.

4. Access to best of skills and material:
We are located in United Arab Emirates which attracts skilled professionals and abundant supply of high quality raw materials.