ETC is an early adopter of cutting edge technology. We combine proven technologies, Infrastructure, People Skills, Quality and Practices to meet the industry standards.

We have established an Exotic alloy steel casting facility by installing a Vacuum Oxygen Argon Degassing (VOAD) steel refining furnace. This makes ETC as a premium source of Duplex, super Duplex, specialty alloys and Monel steel.


High productivity CNC Machines operated by qualified and motivated operators ensures quality product with close tolerances according to Customer Drawings.


SAFOP most advanced technology grinding/polishing machine impart true sphericity and surface finish to balls for smooth and trouble free operation of soft and metal seat valves. Machine can finish ball castings from 6” to 36” size with or without stem.

3 Dimensional Inspection

3 D Coordinate Measuring Technology enables exhaustive inspections guarantee machining quality, in accordance with customer Drawings and Specifications.

CNC Machine shop

Our State of the art, CNC Machine shop has facilities for machining gate, globe, check, butterfly, ball valves ranging from2 inches to 60 inches. Our modern machining facilities incorporating group technology, flexible manufacturing, and just-in-time production technology assists in satisfying small batch needs of project customers.

In order to meet stringent project deadlines, we have been using a fully integrated iBaan ERP system and our own CNC machining/ CMM inspection and NDT facility for supplying fully machined castings.

Design Center, R&D; Lab Facility

We use Magma 3D Solidification simulation software to enhance the quality of our castings. The simulation allows to continuously improve the castings we pour. On receipt of drawings and specifications from our customers, we develop advanced methoding / pattern deployment using our CNC pattern manufacturing facility.

The unique advantage we have at ETC is that all the facilities that are required for producing castings are available in our plant including Cobalt, Iridium, Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing. As new challenges unfold we remain at the forefront of technology and serve the demands of a growing market.

Our new state-of-the-art Lab Facility will introduce sophisticated mechanical, chemical, and non destructive tests of special steels. On installation of the vacuum furnace, we will be conducting metallurgical research to develop high quality steels. We will also establish a 3D Design center to facilitate pattern development, solidification simulation and CAD/CAM interface